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  1. Second thing is that many mp3 players have fast-forward and this can be done by sliding - like slide to change track - but keeping pressing after slide. What do you think?
  2. That's what I want. The lack of hardware buttons makes it hard/impossible to do. Please, do not mention remote control by proprietary headphones - they suck as always. Poweramp actually makes good job with slide gestures on lock screen but it's not created with fully non visual browsing in mind. But it’s not far from that and I think it's need not much work to support this. Basically slide gestures are good but they function together with other navigation buttons on the bottom half of the lockscreen, and those can be hit my mistake - should be disabled or removed Thanks, keep up the good work.
  3. I find Poweramp the only player capable (without glitches or lack of basic functions) of providing navigation without the need to look on the screen - music is for listening, not watching. I'm talking about lockscreen and its swipe navigation. Hovewer it needs polishing - 2 additional features: 1. swipe to move seek bar - inside as song: I would consider adding an option for that and implement it by aplying the same geasture as for swipe-to-move-to-the-next-track but with keeping pressing after swipe. Of course any other clever geasture would suffice 2. option to remove/block other ways of nav
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