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  1. Now, when click on Folders icon next to a song title on bottom, a popup appears with the following items: Artist, Album, Folder. I suggest to add an option in player's "Settings" which would allow to go directly to Artists/Albums/Folders omitting the popup. I think, this option will be very useful for those guys who use most of time only one item from Artists, Albums and Folders.
  2. Changing speed (tempo) option is what was missing, at least for all guys who use the player also as a podcast player. But I have one claim. Speed (tempo) option gradually changes from 1.00x to 1.50x. But after 1.50x we have only step to 2.00x. It seems strange, because there're a lot of podcasts which might be played in 1.60x, 1.70x etc. As to me, 1.50x-2.00x range should be able to change gradually as 1.00x-1.50x range.
  3. Volume Balance not working for MONO tracks! Tested for stereo ones with same other settings - works! I'm listening to podcasts often, I need to balance loudness of right and left headphone. Everything was great when I was using stereo podcasts but when I tried Balance for MONO - nothing working at all (doesn't matter MONO is on/off) Poweramp 2.0.10-build-588-play Xiaomi Mi2S Android 5.0.2 MiUI ROM 7 stock
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