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  1. If you have 'project m' installed, you can play your music in Poweramp and then switch to Project M which also supports Cast, however this seems to be able to cope just fine with sound AND visuals, all whilst Poweramp is providing the sound. It seems strange to have to use 2 apps to achieve it (though Project M can play music too).
  2. Not everyone has access to a computer
  3. Why stop at offering single track editing? The editing works well, surely it wouldn't take too much effort to let it tag multiple files. There may well be loads of apps that can batch edit but they really aren't up to the job. I would really like Poweramp to take away the need to install 3rd party apps that don't do the job properly. Many thanks.
  4. Having to use a different app to edit multiple tags just seems like a cop out. Make the tag editing capabilities better and that will stop us needing another tag editor. Why stop at 'rubbish single file tag editing' just make it better.
  5. I would like to be able to select multiple tracks and edit them together, i have many albums with the wrong tags but at the moment I'm having to edit one track at a time instead of being able to select all files from the same album and edit them together. Should be simple but it's not.
  6. In my mind, i would love Poweramp to be as good as winamp once was. Did anybody complain that winamp had access to internet radio? No. Did the ability to stream internet radio cause winamp to have adverts? No. Was i the only person to use winamp to listen to internet radio as well as all the music on their device? I seriously doubt it. Did winamp suffer from having internet radio? No. If Max is reading these request posts, i hope he hears my plea to make Poweramp a powerhouse that can handle every users needs.
  7. Thank you for your reply Andre. Isn't this posted in the request for future features? This is a future feature I would love to see included in a future release (and I'm sure there are many many others out there that aren't on this forum that feel the same). Please don't come and try to stop the request of an awesome new feature. You wouldn't have to use it if you didn't want to, but i would use it daily especially if it integrated nicely with the milkdrop visuals (i already have project m but it's not as good as the rendering in Poweramp). If you have something to add to the request then please feel free to add a suggestion, but to belittle my request isn't going forward, is actually holding Poweramp back. Do i really need another app for internet radio when the only app i want / should use is Poweramp? I think not. Let the good times roll!
  8. In an ideal world, Poweramp could solve the need for ANOTHER app. There are other media players that manage to put in the internet radio player without having ads other than those that are broadcast on the stations. Please stop making excuses and encourage this extremely useful addition to the mighty Poweramp.
  9. Then i would recommend you try Picard, the fingerprint tagging is particularly useful when you have unknown
  10. You can always download tryptonaut milk presets and put the zip file in the Poweramp milk presets folder for over 700 awesome effects. http://ghostco.de/milkdrop/tryptonaut milkdrop pack.zip
  11. Hi Andrewilley I hardly ever get onto my computer, but i will consider tagscanner. I would normally use musicbrainz picard, how do they compare in your opinion
  12. I use Poweramp on my tv box and would love to be able to control it with my gamepad, is this possible?
  13. So glad to see you are working on "advanced tag editing" (i want to be able to edit a whole albums tags at once. "Automatic tag matching" would make this much easier, particularly if through musicbrainz picard. "Online radios" this really is a missing feature that I'd love incorporated. It is already a superb audio player (thank you max), these additions would blow the competition away. Ps. Thanks for milkdrop integration. (would love some further settings like mesh and canvas)
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