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192kHz file support

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I'd like to see support for 192 kHz flac or wavpack files. while quality wise theres not really the need for it on a non highend system, the purpose is mainly a matter of convenience, as you would not have to resample & dither down your 192 kHz music files any more before being able to listen to those via your smartphone.

really saves quite a bit of time and hassle, you could simply copy everything over.



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Hi everyone, just discovered that my wonderful Poweramp doesn't play 192Khz/24bit



I understand that It may not be so important, but I think it could be useful just not to have it converted (or at least say clearly that there is not 192Khz/24bit support at the moment)

Thanks a lot.

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Could I ask why you would like to have such a file? I find it interesting because I don't think most phones' audio chips are actually even good enough to handle 16bit/44.1khz audio with any level of decency... for one, a lossy-encoded file sounds way better (less muddy, more neutral in tone) on an desktop onboard than my HTC One X...

Though I would concede that in all likelihood it's just that the HTC One X probably just has a very bad audio chipset... how about other makes?

(Perhaps I'm digressing too much -- if the mods think this warrants a new thread, so be it...)

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