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Poweramp does not display UNSYNCEDLYRICS lyrics for "flac" files

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When downloading music from the bandcamp service, the lyrics are stored in the "unsyncedlyrics" tag for all formats. Poweramp normally displays the text for "mp3" and "m4a" files, but when trying to view the text for "flac", the player opens the browser with a search for the song name

Here is an example file:


Poweramp build 911, Galaxy A10, Android 10

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Correct, Poweramp uses the Vorbis LYRICS tag, not the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag.

I'll move this thread to Feature Requests area, as I know Max has plans to updated the functionality of the lyrics system at some point in the future. But for now you could just use a batch tag editor to move any lyrics text over to the LYRICS tag for the files in question.


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