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  1. Poweramp seems to use some sort of non-standard ReplayGain tag parsing. I don't see it working for me either. There are threads in the forum, you could try them, but for me it doesn't seem to work as it does on JRiver Media Centre on my desktop (same file, or transcoded file)
  2. I've not done it formally, but I do know that Vorbis -q 0.5 and HE-AAC -q 0.35 has about the same decoding complexity. HE-AAC v2 -q 0.5 will have a much, much higher complexity (battery drains 2.5x as fast) On my HTC One X (with custom kernel and rom) Vorbis and HE-AAC above will consume about 10% battery per hour.
  3. Even if the equaliser didn't work, I was looking for dynamic range compression and acoustic crossfeed
  4. Oh, I see what's wrong. What's the effect library that works with Poweramp? I've got DSPManager and MusicFX now.
  5. Do you have a screenshot of the menu on JB?
  6. I don't see any menu entry like this in settings.
  7. Sorry, I'm using CM10 now, not ICS any more.
  8. Since in http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3268-htc-one-x-static-after-a-while-of-playback/ I've concluded that Poweramp's EQ and Stereo Expansion is bugged, I was looking for other ways to include DSPs. I see that CM has got DSP manager, and I tried disabling DVC and see if those have any effect -- it doesn't. Am I missing something?
  9. I'm looking for crossfeed too... Stereo Expansion doesn't seem to do what I want. The effect is usually subtle, but when listening to headphones it can make things sound that much more natural.
  10. I think having some sort of tag support for ratings would be better than none, which is what I'm gathering at this point. Wen has mentioned that this is planned for the next release though.
  11. Could I ask why you would like to have such a file? I find it interesting because I don't think most phones' audio chips are actually even good enough to handle 16bit/44.1khz audio with any level of decency... for one, a lossy-encoded file sounds way better (less muddy, more neutral in tone) on an desktop onboard than my HTC One X... Though I would concede that in all likelihood it's just that the HTC One X probably just has a very bad audio chipset... how about other makes? (Perhaps I'm digressing too much -- if the mods think this warrants a new thread, so be it...)
  12. I'm hoping that Poweramp would be able to be the market leader in terms of media organisation too, in addition to it being a good playback app. I also know other friends who would be more than willing to purchase a copy if proper album artist tag support is implemented.
  13. I've got most of my media library nicely tagged and rated on my desktop. Syncing the songs to my phone would cause a transcode (mine's mostly a Flac library) to ogg vorbis -q.5. I see the tags (using mp3tag) that the resulting .ogg file has a rating field, but Poweramp doesn't seem to use that when the file's imported to the library. Any possibility of implementing this?
  14. There seems to be some problem with the way Poweramp handles clipping. When Prevent Clipping is enabled, the output is significantly quieter, as if Poweramp's measurement of available dynamic range is not correct (because the volume can be much louder). Disable Prevent Clipping and the output should be the same as the other apps. My hunch is that the computation of the track peak is non standard.
  15. Hi, it would be great if custom track tags (non standard ones) embedded in the audio file's tags can be read, stored and displayed in the Player. Such custom tags may include translations of song titles (if in a foreign language) and the like so that tracks can be searched by more than just their name.
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