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support for 5.1 and disc support

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The Disc# tag is already supported, as is splitting long files into multiple tracks using CUE sheets.

5.1 sound is not something that will be supported, as PA processes its audio streams internally in stereo. It can down-convert from some multi-channel file formats to stereo though. Far better to have the files in stereo in the first place though, so save unnecessary storage space.


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1 hour ago, Pedro Simon Antonio said:

I use discs and Thier all together and not saying which disc is which

Do you mean discs or albums?

'Discs' in the context of viewing the album listing would mean one album which has its tracks split over two physical CDs - such as "War of the Worlds" CD1 (which has the first 5 tracks of the story) and "War of the Worlds" CD2 (the remaining 8 tracks).

Set the albums song lists to sort by 'Disc and Track #' (the setting is in List Options) and ensure that you enable viewing of the disc numbers via Settings > Library > Lists > Show Disc, which will show as below:


All of the above assumes your music files are tagged correctly in the first place of course.


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