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  1. oh i only use MP3 320 Quality thats why so yeah and should the button look like this when on or off
  2. how do i use dobly atmos on my samsung a52 just barely upgrade And i want to use dobly atmos with power amp
  3. make an update where it should show in the file info if the file is actully stereo or joint stereo just an idea IDk
  4. Question 1 i using AAudio cause it original audio from the file (this is true) and i have a 48khz file and my headphones support 44.1khz I'm not sure if I should change the khz to 48khz or keep it at 44.1 Question 2 Is It bad that is says failed If one has to say is AAudio better than and hi res? I looked it up that it is and uses the original audio source from the file and That AAudio sounds better when up scaled to 96 from 44.1 and I took a blind test with the same settings on hi res and AAudio at 16 96khz ND EQ off and for me AAudio sounded way more better than but hi res had a extra punch of bass on it with the EQ off.
  5. @Fitzian It makes it max res and downlaods other ver of the album art at other res"s
  6. i want album art at it original res but down scales like this persona 5 royal one and i dont want to use more ram for better res
  7. I use discs and Thier all together and not saying which disc is which
  8. They should add 5.1 surround sound from stereo to surround sound and disc support for files that have discs
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