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Weird Behavior

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Ever since I upgraded to v3 I am having to deal with a very weird behavior. I have the app installed on my car head unit, and everytime I start the car the playlist of the app is empty and I have to select the SD card then do a rescan. This problem is related to the app since other music player apps on my unit don't have this issue.

What can I do. 


Thank you in advance




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Probably the SD Card takes a while after power up to become mounted in Android, so when PA first looks for it there is no SD Card present.

Once your music collection has fully scanned from the SD Card, turn off the auto-rescan features in PA Settings=>Library=>Scanner and as long as you don't charge/remove the SD Card, it should continue to work.

Another potential additional issue with car headunits is they don't always allow apps to shut down cleanly when you turn the ignition off, which in extreme cases could cause the internal music database to become corrupted.


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Dear Andre,


I already turned off the auto-rescan feature when I was troubleshooting the issue but still the problem continues. As for the car head unit, I have been using the app for over 4 years now with no issues at all on the same head unit. The problem only started after the last update to v3. 😔

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@Sherif Stefanos there is a couple of options, implemented for and recommended for Android head units (use Settings search to quickly find them):

  • Resume On Start + Wait for Storage. Poweramp will wait resaonable time for sd cards to mount and will resume
  • Pause on Screen Off. Poweramp will pause on screen off, which for head units usually means shutting down. Most head units do not properly implement SHUTDOWN event, so apps never know they are killed with no chance to save state. Pausing on screen off allows state (position in track) to be saved

Also, disabling Auto Scan as Andre suggested will help with invalid storage status issue (the sd card is not marked as unmounted, causing Poweramp to clear the database as it looks like empty storage to it. Poweramp never touches data for storage marked as unmounted, but head unit firmwares often do not properly handle that).


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