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Getting music into phone

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Never mind trying to use an existing SD card , can't be done! Just get your music on your PC screen, and connect your cell phone have phone visible on screen , and drag and drop. Even if that means downloading the music from the SD card first. That works. I hope you have enough open memory on the phone. 

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8 minutes ago, T H in new Jersey said:

Never mind trying to use an existing SD card , can't be done!

It can, and people do it regularly. Me included. It's a much faster way to get very large quantities of music onto your phone.

USB-cable transfer from Windows to Android works of course, but it can be painfully slow - especially when dealing with hundreds of GB of files. For smaller file quantities and minor updates it's great though - or you can use a wireless FTP (or similar) server system to do it with drag&drop via wi-fi for even greater convenience.


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3 hours ago, Ezequiel Rodriguez said:

How to read the music from a USB through an OTG connector 

If you want to copy from a USB Drive connected to an OTG adapter, go into any decent file explorer app and open the USB drive. You will need to grant Android's storage access permission the first time you try to access it. Then you can copy content to and from the connected USB drive.

You can even use an OTG USB Drive directly in Poweramp's library if you want, but you'd need to keep the OTG cable and the USB drive permanently connected to your phone which probably would not be very convenient - even charging the phone would be tricky unless you have a split OTG cable that supports power too. To access such content in Poweramp, add the USB drive via PA Settings=>Library=>Music Folders, then if the new content does not appear in the Library initially, do a Full Rescan in PA Settings=>Library. See https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/faq/granting-permission-for-poweramp-to-access-your-music-folders-r43/ for more info on adding Music Folders.


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