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  1. Never mind trying to use an existing SD card , can't be done! Just get your music on your PC screen, and connect your cell phone have phone visible on screen , and drag and drop. Even if that means downloading the music from the SD card first. That works. I hope you have enough open memory on the phone.
  2. So I think this means I should just transfer the music files from the SD card like I said take the card out of cell ph and either put the card into a micro SD card adapter and drag them into the cell phone memory . Is that correct?
  3. I have been using PA for 2 years now, but with a new phone forget it. All these instructions the Admin person gives are beyond me. I have it giving me " please use another folder for privacy reasons .... . I do not understand all these instructions about putting the music on the SD card in music folders etc. I put the music on the SD card , and PA should find the music period! I have spent several hours reading blogs , instructions etc , keep getting the privacy response ... Very difficult. What other APPs are out there ?
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