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Audio dynamic issue on Google Pixel 6


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Hi all, I having an issue with Bluetooth audio quality on my Pixel 6, there is lack of bass and dynamics on the output, and I have tried adjusting the equalizer, the bass cracks severely. The Bluetooth earphone I am using is OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 (aptX HD), and the equalizer settings was brought from my previous phone. Is there anyway to fix this? 

Thank you. 

The methods I have tried: 
1. Restore defaults on Output settings
2. Restore default on DVC settings 

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@ShadowFreak Okay, take a back up of Poweramp, I suggest you download the latest version (build 934) before the back, then go to your phone settings, clear data and cache for Poweramp, open Poweramp, don't restore backup yet, play songs, observe the sound, change some sound settings as you would like, if everything sounds good, restore backup. 

If you encounter same issue after importing, go through the process again, this time, import without Audio output, reverb  preset and Equalizer preset. 


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@ShadowFreak by default, BT connection usually has Absolute Volume enabled. In this mode, you have limited dynamic range for your basses, basically this is the "No DVC Headroom Gain" and Eq negative preamp. If you have No DVC Headroom Gain adjusted and/or Preamp increased, you have no dynamic range (space) for the basses amplification. 

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