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Poweramp showing m3u playlist filename

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I utilize m3u playlists that I manage from my computer via Mediamonkey and then load onto my phone for Poweramp.

On the playlist tab (for lack of a better term), Poweramp displays the name of the playlist as the filename. For example, I have a playlist called 90s Favorites, but Poweramp displays it as 90sfavorites.m3u.

How do I get it to display the playlist name and not the filename with the extension?

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@maxmp Any thoughts on my suggestion of adding a little 'file' icon beside any file-based playlist names, rather than including the full extender in the list?

Also, it might be nice to note the #PLAYLIST field, if it exists, and use that as the title instead of the filename (again, with a little appended file icon to differentiate from internal playlists).


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