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Sort button in category views

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How about adding a "sort" button on the category screens, as it's now you have to go into the settings of the view, scroll down to the sort options, select...

The sort button would just bring up a list of available sort options, which would make it a two click exercise to sort.


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Bad example. A better example is dig into into Album by artist with a lot of albums. Typically I want to have albums sorted by name, but every now and then I want to have them sorted by year, and it's just a pain to dig through the settings. Albums is another category which would be nice to quickly sort, typically I have it sorted by "date added", but "year" is also something that I want to sort by very now and then.

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It would be something to fill up the gap if nothing else. :) Splitting it out might make the List Options screen a bit more compact too, as it's getting quite long these days - and will presumably get longer still if the option for user-configuration of the two lines of display text (Title & Artist-Album) gets added too.


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A bump for my old wish of having a sort-button added to the categories.

Read through the thread and I must agree with @andrewilley that this is mostly a "one time" setting, but for some categories it would make sense. One category that I quite often want to change sorting for is the Albums category where I want to switch between By name and By date added.

What I would love as a sort order for Albums is "Shuffle"! As of today I'm using @flyingdutchmans Playlist Manager to shuffle the Albums, then I take a look at the list and decide what to listen to. A bit cumbersome to launch an extra app when you could have it within the GUI of PA.

  • Go to Album category
  • Hit the Sort by button, select Shuffle
  • Make your choice, tap the cover to play it

This is just a great way of finding forgotten albums in a large library.

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