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Track Order (Play and Display) etc


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Hi, I recently upgraded my Android phone from the Samsung S20 to the S22 Ultra. In the transfer process, everything went well, except that while Poweramp transferred across, not all of my original settings did. I did take screen shots of virtually all the relevant settings on the S22, so it wasn't too hard to adjust these manually.

What I do find is that there are so many wonderful settings, tweaks, subtleties and nuances that actually make it harder to recreate a previous setup.

Is there, for example, a manual that virtually goes through each on/off setting on every screen, to show its effect? Some settings I have altered, and then altered back, having seen nothing change visibly, because I don't actually know what parameter that might actually control.

Anyway, I have a simple question:

I have all my CD Albums showing, and playing in Alphabetical Order, like my Composers', Artists', and Genres' lists.

But I have tried desperately to find how to make each Album open into its various Tracks WITHOUT appearing in Alphabetical order. These, of course, I need to appear in TRACK order, so that the separate movements of a symphony are kep together. This is both when simple examining the contents of an Album, as well as playing them.

I have always been meticulous in Tag settings, and PA worked perfectly on the previous phone. The problem is of my own doing, certainly not Pweramp's.

Hoping you can tell me which button(s) to press!

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In the songs listing for any album, tap the three dots menu icon, select List Options, and choose your desired sort order. Each Category (Folders, Albums, Genres, etc) can have a different sorting order if you like.

Also, if your old device is still working, go to PA Settings > Export Settings/Data, and you can backup your old system. Copy the backup file to your new device and Import whatever options you want to keep.


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Hi Andre,

Thank you so much for your excellent and prompt service. It probably took no more than 5 seconds for me to carry out your instructions, and everything is back just as I wanted!

Your advice about the Backup will be great for the next time I update my phone - I just wish I'd thought of doing it this time. Unfortunately, as part of the deal, I exchanged my old phone, so everything was wiped. But it's good to have the information backed up, just in case I accidentally teak something in the meanwhile.

I know you're not the developer, but your years of experience, and easy way of explaining things - plus the software itself - is a formidable combination! Thank you again! Wolksby

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Glad I could help. PA is a hugely, powerful piece of software - but as a result it can sometimes be tricky to remember where some of the lesser-used features are found. Sorry you were not able restore your settings from your old device, but at least you'll know for next time.

@maxmp Just a thought bouncing off this thread, but would it be worth adding an extra tickbox to the Export/Import Settings dialogs for saving the user's chosen Category List Options? I don't think they are included in any of the current options are they?


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