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Hi-Res output volume lower than OpenSI-Es output.

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Hi-Res output volume lower than OpenSI-Es output.

I've been using Poweramp for about a month now and untill recently Hi-Res output worked perfectly at 24bit/96khz.I was using the trial version and a couple days later decided to buy it. But just last day something seemed off, cus i had to put my volume to 70-80percent to get decent audio in hires (usually 50-60persent..i use pretty decent IEMs.)

Upon switching to OpenSI-Es audio output sounds far better and volume output is sufficient even at 50 percent. I am using Redmi note 9 pro and on android 11 (using a custom rom.)

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Im leaving a link to an image of my audio output log if that helps. 



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