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Equaliser App Auto Opening

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Nothing is auto-playing. That is not the issue. (resume-on-bt-connect is NOT the problem here)

The Poweramp Equalizer App launches every time I connect a BT headset
The app opens to the eq page and just stays there until I close it. 
Even when I connect the BT headset when the screen is locked, Poweramp eq app still launches in the background and is the first thing I see when I unlock my phone.
When I'm on my home screen on my phone and connect the BT headset,, Poweramp eq auto launches, even when an app is in the foreground like youtube, Poweramp eq closes youtube, and opens to eq settings page.
PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO : https://photos.app.goo.gl/7EizokEPCmQ5873i7
I don't want the eq app to launch and take over my screen every time I connect the BT headset.
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9 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

As far as I'm aware, the EQ app should not be grabbing screen focus on its own, so there may be something else on your system triggering it. What device and Android version? Does this stil happen if you have turned the PA-EQ 'Enable Audio Processing' control?


I am using the LG Wing LMF100N, Android 12. Even when 'Enable Audio processing' is disabled, the app still opens up, now with the error message on top saying 'Audio Processing is Disabled | Press here to re-enable'

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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

there may be something else on your system triggering it

OH MY GOD!!! LG has this weird "context aware" thing in settings where, the device manages a few settings like wifi, BT etc for 'at-home' or 'away-from-home' routines. Poweramp EQ app was selected under 'Open an app when BT headset is connected'.

Turned off context aware, problem fixed. Thank you

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