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Missing full track name (track version)

Sam Darabi

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Well I have this weird problem since A11 now the same in A12 in Poweramp. I've tried anything but no solution. it is about a full track version in title. Let me show with some proof:

I downloaded this album:




But in Poweramp it doesn't show full track title (version):


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5 hours ago, maxmp said:

@Sam Darabi thanks for the files. I've checked and all of these has "Someone to Love" title tag. Checked also in MacOS Music, VLC.

Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 01.26.22.png

But if you enable filename as track via:

Library>List>filename as track 

It shows full track name but included with format (.mp3)

I want you to update and fix this, remove format (.mp3) from track.









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If you opt for Poweramp to display filenames instead of Titles, then that is exactly what you will see. The .mp3 or .flac extender is an important part of a full filename, so you will of course see those at the end of any displayed lines. You could rename a file as collywobble.m4a if you like, and that is exactly what you would see displayed; the filename has no direct relation to the audio content at all, and is merely a textual label chosen for the storage file.

Normally though, Poweramp displays more accurate and relevant information gleaned from the embedded 'metadata' tag information contained within the file. I would suggest the proper answer here is to edit the Title tag for each of these audio files so they are unique and correct, regardless of the filenames. You can do this within Poweramp on a file-by-file basis (long-press on the song or cover art > Info/Tags > Edit Tags) but a batch tag editor on a computer, such as TagScanner or MP3Tag, would make the task much quicker and easier.


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