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  1. Well I have this issue when a video like Instagram or Reddit runs in the background I hear glitch like a sec cut from my music. How to fix this? I mean ignore background or whatever video conflict.
  2. Yeah I got your point but my meant was for new themes, for example a new theme pack included 10 presets released on play store. If I install it l, it would be definitely just a main preset. I have to do it manually to create other presets represent in screenshot of app by myself. That's my point here.
  3. Ok good idea, I can use export settings for saving themes then. But having this option specially for Skin apps would be helpful, I can switch between new skins.
  4. As you know Skins are manually which means you have to set a lot of parts and in order to get your desire theme. But if there was an option in the skins to simply switch between theme presets even import and export, it would be awesome.
  5. Lockscreen doesn't work with miui , is there a guidance to fix this?
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