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audio randomly cuts out

Citizen Snips

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I'm running build-925-bundle-play on a Galaxy S8 with Android 9. I was playing an album for about 20 minutes or so, then paused it. When I pressed play again, no audio was coming out of my phone's speaker despite the fact that the Poweramp GUI gave every indication the song was playing. I tried pausing/resuming, seeking, changing tracks, adjusting the volume up to 100%, and changing albums, but in every case there was no audio coming out of my phone's speaker. I also verified there were no bluetooth devices connected. Killing Poweramp and restarting it was the only thing that fixed the problem.

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54 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Try a different Output method in PA Settings > Audio > Output.

Also, you may find that your device is killing the connection for battery/power saving reasons. Make sure that both the main app and the licence app are excluded from any such optimisations in your Android app settings.


If I go to Settings->Audio->Output this is what I see:



Which setting(s) should I change?

Also if the app was being killed/put to sleep by the OS wouldn't the entire app be shut down, not just the audio stream? In any case I checked and the "Allow background activity" switch is enabled for Poweramp.

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You are currently using AudioTrack for Bluetooth and USB-connected DACs, and OpenSL ES for Wired headset, Speakers, and anything else. Try tapping on one of those other methods and enabling it for Speaker (if that's what you usually use for listening). Give AudioTrack, AAudio, or Hi-Res a try and and see if that mode is impacted in the same way.


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