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  1. I have a folder for which the "List Options" -> "List Position" and "Per Track Progress" are both checked, yet sometimes Poweramp fails to remember my progress within a specific track and will instead just play that track back from the start. I haven't done enough testing to notice if this only occurs for tracks of a certain length, but is it possible this behavior is occurring due to some other setting that is colliding with the "List Position" and "Per Track Progress" both being checked, as opposed to being a bug?
  2. I guess in my head I equate a multi-track audiobook or podcast to an "Album" in terms of how an audio player would organize the files, given that the files would all have incremental track numbers, the same Author, Title, etc. contained in their ID3 tag info just like a music album would. In any case, could Poweramp be modified (or an option added) to never save track and position when playing from "Albums" if its not going to restore track and position when playing from "Albums"? I've lost my spot in long, multi-track audiobooks and podcasts more than once due to this and while I now kn
  3. OK, then could this be changed to either: 1. restore when playing the album from either the "Folders" or "Albums"? 2. not save anything when playing from "Albums" if it's not going to restore when playing from "Albums"? Personally I think option 2 would be better. It doesn't seem like there is any advantage to the current method (saving when played from either "Albums" or "Folders", but only restoring when played from "Folders"), yet the downside is obvious, i.e. losing a track and position that was saved when playing from "Folders" when that same album is played from "Albums".
  4. Are you referring to the Settings->Library->Store/Restore Per Track Progress setting? I have that setting enabled, and the "Track Duration For Per Track Progress and -10/+10 buttons" is set to 60 minutes. None of the individual tracks in my audiobooks are over 15 minutes or so, so I wouldn't think that option would be relevant here. This confirms my observation that playing tracks from the "Albums" list does not honor the saved "List Position" and "Per Track Progress" values, but why then when I go back to the "Folders" list and play the album again is my original
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but here is behavior I've encountered that I'd like a way to change: I have a multi-track audiobook for which I have the "List Position" and "Per Track Progress" boxes checked under the folder's "List Options: Folder Songs" menu. If I open Poweramp and click "Folders", then choose the audiobook folder and press play, play resumes from the track and position I left off with as intended, with the exception of the case described in the second paragraph. If after playing and pausing the audiobook with the "List Position" and "Per Track Pro
  6. @maxmp Thanks, I didn't see those options there. Is it not possible to have the Poweramp notification bar's background color, album art, and have all 4 control buttons be visible at once without additional swiping? Here is what the default Samsung music player looks like: Could the Poweramp notification bar be modified to have the X moved to the white circle in the below image while keeping background color and album art:
  7. FWIW, the default Samsung Music Player I was using previously is able to do this.
  8. Thanks, I figured there must be an option for that somewhere. What about an option to move the X to the upper right corner of the notification bar so that all 4 icons can be shown in the given area with no additional swiping?
  9. When I swipe down on my notification bar, the only Poweramp controls that are shown by default are play (or pause) and forward. In order to show the back button, I have to swipe down again on the Poweramp notification bar. Is there a way to have the Poweramp notification bar show all 3 controls (prev track, play/pause, and next track) by default without requiring an extra swipe?
  10. Thanks, I didn't even realize those options were there. Is there a way to set a global default for those settings (and even allow each album to either "use global" or have a local override)?
  11. I have an audio format version of a weekly magazine in which each week's issue is distributed as an album with each article being a separate track. I am familiar with Poweramp's "Library->Store/Restore Per Track Progress" setting, have it set to "ON", and also have the "Track Duration For Per Track Progress and -10/+10s buttons" set to the minimum setting. Is there a way for Poweramp to also remember the last track played for each album? I will start listening to an audio issue of the magazine, pause it, listen to music for a while, then go back to the magazine and forget which track I l
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