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Album art with the same album title as another artist's use the same art in artist album list


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  • Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About). build-911-arm64-play
  • your device model. moto g power (2020)
  • your Android version. 11
  • your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM).  N/A
  • steps to reproduce. Look at album lists for an artist, some album covers may be wrong if they share a title with another album by another artist (but in the list of songs for that album, the mini album covers are correct). For instance I have REM's Green and Steve Hillage's Green, I see Steve Hillage's Green artwork on REM's list. Steve Hillage's Green displays correctly. Seems like the hashing algorithm may have to add the artist, not just the title to the string being hashed...
    Another example: Frida's Shine, and Boney James Shine, Frida's cover is wrong on the list of albums, Boney James is correct. Another example: Boney James Trust (incorrect), and Saga's Trust (correct). Another example: Saga's 20-20 (incorrect), and Spyro Gyras 20-20 (correct).
    I always use Folder.jpg in the album directory as the album art, I do not download any album art.
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folder.jpg images are really more about the Folder views rather than Albums per se. An Album is an ad hoc collection of songs that are linked together by their tag contents (specifically Album Title and Album Artist) not by the folder locations of the files - in fact, every song could even be in a completely different folder and PA would still be able to group them together as long as they are tagged correctly.

When a folder.jpg file is read for a group of contained songs, and then gets picked up via one of those songs for use in the Albums list, a cached version of that image file is created in the album_art data folder, so you may need to look in there and delete any mismatches for them to go away.

For more info on the selection and caching process, see:


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