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Limited Songs Displayed on Imported Playlist

Ted Westerfield
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I created some playlists on MusicBee (m3u format) and imported them into Poweramp.  MusicBee and Windows 11 recognizes all playlists with a complete list of songs.  All playlists were imported into Poweramp but a few had only a couple of songs displayed and some playlists showed no songs at all. 

The six playlists were copied to a SD folder labeled "MusicBee Playlists" within the hierarchy of folders including the primary "Music" and sub folders for each artist.  I rescanned the library and when that didn't work I did a "Full Rescan" followed by a reboot of the Android TCL 10L running Android 11.

Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?  What do I need to do to get Poweramp to make all songs available on the playlists?  Thanks in advance.

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You don't need to 'import' playlists to Poweramp by the way, just put them in a location where PA is already permitted to scan for your songs and it will find them.

M3U files are simple plain text, so could you perhaps paste a sample few lines from one of them here? They don't contain any special/non-ASCII characters do they?

The folder structure on your phone's storage needs to match the details quoted in the playlist - specifically the song filename must be identical, and it must be contained within a folder that matches too. Higher level/root directories are ignored, so it won't matter if your PC playlists have lines that start with C:\Users\name\ etc.


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Thanks, Andrew.

I've never worked with playlists or m3u files before and didn't realize that they are ASCII.

For MusicBee users, go to Preferences, Library, and configure the export format to match the file structure of your phone.  If you're like me, the music libraries on the PC and phone are structured the same so it should be easy to make a playlist that is easily read by Poweramp.

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