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Found 9 results

  1. Hello there, yesterday I exported my power amp playlists to a folder on my internal storage. Next I copied all my music from my old SD Card to my new SD Card via PC. After inserting the new SD Card to my phone and relocating the exported playlists from my internal storage to the music folder of my new SD Card, the playlists were still visible in Poweramp and they also seemed to be filled with the correct songs, but the songs weren't playable because "the storage has been deleted". Also power amp shows up each and every song twice and registers 29 playlists (correct) and 5700 songs (incorrect, I only have half as much in my music folder). It would be great for me if someone had some time to help me. Greetings Jerry
  2. FOR ANYONE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SYNCHING PC PLAYLISTS WITH Poweramp Keeping mp3 files from my pc synched with my phone (via DriveAutoSync) works wonderfully. When I go into Poweramp, all the new songs are there. I also keep wpl playlists int the /music/playlist folder. They get synched and they play awesomely but some people might be misled by the fact that Poweramp lists them but shows them as "not loaded". Rest assured, when you select them, the songs will be there and will play!
  3. When setting up my phone I had an existing music collection with playlists in m3u format on a memory card. Poweramp recognized them nicely and worked fine with them. Now I have added a new track by copying it from dropbox to the collection's folder on the memory card. I located that track in Poweramp's folder-view, long-pressed it, selected "add to playlist" and chose an existing playlist. After that the playlist had only one track, the one I had added. I retried that with a different playlist, same effect. Good that I still had the original m3u file somewhere else, so that I could copy it over. Something's terribly wrong here.
  4. Since I have switched to Poweramp, after doing a scan on my Galaxy S3, it found a lot of double entries. One entry with m3u and the other with m3u8. Why is this happening and also which one should I keep? Thanks
  5. Hello! I have a big playlist that was created by AIMP3 in m3u format. The Poweramp shows that there is only 1522 tracks, but it contains 1526. The string in title was taken from logcat. How can I investigate the problem further an locate not resolvin entries?
  6. If a titel in any m3u file includes a character which is no ASCII (example ä, ü etc), this particular song will not appear in Poweramp imported Playlists! As soon as i change such a character from ü to ue etc. the song will properly be imported. When i open a m3u file i can see the affected songs with "wrong" characters which are not imported, after changing the song in MM and exporting the m3u again, the song appears after a rescan correctly in the playlist. I don't want to change all affected songs, what can i do? Sorry for my english FA
  7. I've looked through a bunch of forum topics to find a solution but didn't find a fix, so if someone can help me out here that would be appreciated. I'm not the most tech-savvy and I'm not a programmer, by the way. The closest thread I found was (http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6258-Poweramp-database-missing-song/) but I still couldn't find the solution to my problem. The problem I'm having, in summary, is: Poweramp is missing songs from playlists. Basic info: * Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, unrooted * Computer: MacBook Pro, Retina * I've used the full unlocked version of Poweramp for years. Had similar problem with missing songs before, that I thought I solved by creating all my mp3 files and playlists exactly the same way. Maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to notice it after a while, but recently I noticed some of my newly transferred songs weren't playing, only to realize they weren't appearing on the Poweramp playlist. To make things uniform I treat all my music files the same way as follows: 1. All of my music files are opened in an audio editor (Goldwave) and resaved as mp3 files at the same bit rate. 2. All the mp3 files are then tagged using mp3tag. 3. All the mp3 files are then opened in iTunes and added to the appropriate playlists in iTunes. 4. Fresh m3u playlists are exported from iTunes, and the .m3u files are then copied to a "Playlists" folder on my Note 3's external SD card. 5. All the mp3 files are copied to my Note 3's external SD card. All music folders on the external SD card are exactly the same as on my computer/hard drive. 6. In Poweramp's Folders and Library menu I click "Music Folders" and then I select exactly, and only, two things (both on the "/storage/extSdCard"): a. "/Music" This is my main music folder. In it are dozens of sub-folders named by artist, in which are the mp3 files. The folder structure and names, etc., are exactly the same as on my computer and hard drive. b. "/Playlists" This is the folder where I put my m3u playlist files. 7. Poweramp performs a Full Rescan. 8. Note that I repeated these steps as freshly as I could, such as after going into Application Manager for Poweramp and clicking "Clear data" and "Clear cache". I also uninstalled Poweramp and Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, then reinstalled them. THE PROBLEM(S): 1. The main problem is that in Poweramp, the newly-imported playlists are missing songs. For example, my main playlist ("0 My Music Library.m3u") has 2125 songs in iTunes, but in Poweramp it shows only 2105 songs. This is the problem I REALLY want to have solved. * Note that if I go into Poweramp's "Artists" menu, the songs are there, and if I click on them there, they will play. The songs just don't show up in the .m3u playlists themselves. 2. A secondary (perhaps minor) problem is that when I scan in Poweramp (as noted above in steps 1-7/8), some playlists appear twice. For instance, I have playlists called "00 Favorites" and "000" and they both show up at least twice in the playlists menu of Poweramp. Again, please note that I'm not a programmer and not the most tech-savvy (I get the basics). If someone has a solution to my problem, that would be wonderful if you could share it and help me solve these problems. Thanks.
  8. How should I organize my music using Poweramp for Android? I have a music collection in FLAC that I'd like to put on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). I would like convert the format to either .wma or .mp3. But how should I organize the folders and files? And should I include a CUE or m3u files? I tried putting the flac to my external SD card. And I have the music organized in folders like this... The Beatles / The Beatles - Rubber Soul - (1965) / 01 - Song Name.mp3(or .flac) Inside the "The Beatles - Rubber Soul - (1965)" folder (which contains the songs) what tags need to be in there? Currently everything is showing up as Unknown Artist. Also if I'm going to convert my FLAC's to mp3 and go through all this I'd want to have this organization and tagging work in any mp3 player.
  9. Is there a way to make Poweramp stream mp3 from a m3u list like http://sound.xpt.de/sound.xpt.de.m3u from the Sound Expert? -p-
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