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Auido output


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9 hours ago, Siksofus said:

I have the unlocked version. Music audio seems fade in and out. Does anyone else seem to have this issue?

Can you elaborate? Is this happening throughout fp the songs, or at the beginning and end of each track? If it is throughout, it is probably the limiter if you have a lot of bass/treble/EQ/preamp boosts.

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I was wondering the same. If this happens during song playback (rather than wehen fading between songs as @Bencherished mentioned) then most likely you are pushing the levels up too high with the EQ controls, and the limiter is reducing the gain during peak moments to avoid clipping. Either turn the Limiter off (in the Equalizer screen) and accept some minor distortion/clipping, or reduce the pre-amp gain setting to compensate for boosting other frequency bands.


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