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Please add SMB (Samba)

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CIFS document provider is excellent solution even apart of Poweramp player. I tested it last month with Xiaomi Readme 7A and Mi A2 Lite phones and dedicated linux based SMB share that holds more than 500 folders filled with more than 6000 mp3 and .flac files. So I have some conclusions about it:

1. CIFS document provider is stable, easy to use and free application. No problem found with this app itself at all.

2. Adding folders from SMB share to Poweramp library takes a time. Poweramp scanning speed is about 32 tracks per 3 minutes. It is not possible to scan entire my share in one click since after 500 tracks (or something about) every of my phones are crashed and went to reboot. After reboot no new records appears in library.

3. If you add or remove something at SMB share than refreshing Poweramp library takes significantly less time.

4. Playing mp3 tracks is no problem in most cases. Playback starts immediately and plays track smoothly if you do not use other apps like browser, online banking, etc. Rescan SMB folder library while playing track of this folder is bad idea too.

5. Playing flac tracks is very problematic. Folder playback starts after 10-50 sec delay and begins with long sequence of 3-5 sec music and 3-5 pause. Really smooth playback usually begins after 1 or 2 minutes. Auto switching to next tracks in folder can take up to 20 sec and music/pause sequence may occur again with 50% chance.

Both apps standalone are excellent, but in couple cause problems in some cases. So I stopped use of PA/CIFS couple and will wait more convenient result.


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