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  1. @Absinthequ @Absinthequ You mess up DLNA entities together. There is DLNA renderer. server and contoller apps. "android car stereo, wall mounted/desktop android tablet or Android tv " are just DLNA renderers. Renderers are play media stream exactly they get it. Would your car audio be renderer while your android phone powered with PA controller and server. Server is where sound processing happens
  2. At least one file manager operation PA do. It is Delete. It is working with files and folders (!!) (recursively). Ok. Adding your comment to my request we can turn problem upside down - " In addition to simple Delete we need Delete all excepting high rated"
  3. Is anyone interested in Chromecast? Want you do a poll?
  4. @6b6561 Just a simple note. DLNA renderers are do not any sound processing. They are plays what are they get. Poweramp will do sound processing. It's good if Poweramp instead of headphone jack, bluetooth output, usb dac will get output to dlna renderer .
  5. I think it is good idea to add to Poweramp ability to copy or move high rated audio files to user specified folder or ability to delete not high rated files from folder and its subfolders. Every day I have a lot of new music. Files are grouped by folders by artist and release. I listen them one by one and mark good ones with thumb up. It is from 1 to 10 percent of these audio files I want to keep to listen again. Today it is hard work to walk through Poweramp library folder hierarchy and delete 90 percent files was not marked as high.
  6. @maxmp Great! No matter is it for free or small additional fee
  7. @maxmp No. Not only NAS. Above you advertised “Track Provider API” and plugin which will be able to handle public music providers like Deezer, Soundcloud, Yandex.music, etc. i.e. highly volatile sources that can not be "mounted" at all. Just like home DLNA server. Is there chance this plugin will handle not only commercial services (all of the noted above music providers are commercial), but NAS/DLNA/additional_SD_card_in_otg_reader too?
  8. Max, what about our local sources we discussed?
  9. All of these stuff I know since I use PA for years everyday.This is feature request branch. Right? Here we requesting what to be changed and than we discuss how to implement this idea. We hope developers reading this branch will get small spark in the far corner of brain and this spark will cause better PA code lines some day. So we went from NAS music sources idea to multiLibrary idea. Every of SMB share/CIFS share(do not forget it)/DLNA/SD Card are particular Library. PA holds data about every particular Library in its multiLibrary for instant access. Current problem is PA must know wh
  10. I disagree about value of PA concept in this problem. If I removed 64 GB SD card from my device (probably while PA used it) and a) changed partially or completely contents of Music folder b) copied entire contents to another 128 Gb size SD card and added some content to Music folder c) did nothing Than I put old sd card back to device in case a and c or put in new sd card in case b. Poweramp is not able detect what been done. But nothing terrible will happen in cases a, b, c at all. User decided to rescan SD source or not. That's all. Nothing to treat as problem. Scen
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