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A couple questions about making your own skin


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sorry for the newb questions, I'm a bit surprised that v3 has very little skins despite more versatile & more skinnable elements than v2, so I'm gonna try to make my own (no promises though lol, and it's probably gonna be so ugly it's just for private use)

1. do I need programming / coding knowledge beforehand? or is it doable from scratch as a total beginner with some google-fu?

2. what exactly do I need to use the SDK? what software to edit based on sample skin?

3. do I need a buffy PC? I have a shitty laptop (8GB RAM and some AMD laptop CPU) that can run... uhh.. is a PC game a good benchmark? it can run DOOM 2016 on lowest settings.

thanks beforehand

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@monkeybutt, download the development kit on github, install Android Studio (free development environment) and import the sample app. You can also create your own android emulated device for testing. Get the sample app to work first. Max has documented the steps required

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