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Having trouble enabling PA EQ

ron l

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I am on trial version of PA EQ and i can't seem to get PA to see the new EQ. I've tried rebooting the phone, enabled MusicFX, advance the track as well as restarting PA. Ideally, I'd like to use this EQ on PA, Amazon Music, YouTube, etc. Can somebody throw me a bone, here? I searched tis forum and couldn't understand some of the answers.  Also, will the new EQ show up in my PA, or do i have to open the EQ separately?

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

PA build 905

Android 11

Moto G stylus phone.

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The PA EQ stand-alone app was designed to allow the internal equalizer's functionality to be applied to OTHER apps, as PA itself already has much the same thing built in.

It you enable the MusicFX feature in PA it should be detectable by the external app though, but please make sure you turn OFF all internal equalisation features within PA so they don't clash. Also you should only have DVC enabled in one or the other app, not both.


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I still am not seeing Amazon or PA in the known players list.  Any other suggestions to get the add on EQ to see my players?

(I understand PA has the same type of equalization as the add on)

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PEQ only works with players that support equalization by default. For some players you'd need to toggle a setting in that player to enable equalization. Others such as YouTube, Tidal, MX player, radio apps, etc specifically disallow equalization. You'd need to enable Advanced player tracking mode in PEQ. It's a bit tricky procedure however, there's a quick guide if you wanna take a look.



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