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Basically I switched phones recently and on the old one I had a way of seeing the song duration outside of the app, in the notification bar. However on the new one I can't seem to find for the life of me the setting that enables this. The installed apps seem to be the same version on both phones so i really can't figure out the issue.
I have attached two screenshots to demonstrate the difference, first pic being from the old phone and the second from the new one.

exhibit A.PNG

exhibit B.PNG

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59 minutes ago, DuckFace524 said:

@John Titor my android version is 9 PPR1.180610.001, and the MIUI version is

Well it's down to how Android/MIUI displays the notification. Your old phone had Android 10 while your new phone has Android 9. 

Using these settings might change the behavior a bit, but completely in the way you expect to. 


I would recommend looking for an update (software or full device).

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@DuckFace524 When you said you were using a new phone on version 11, I assumed you meant a new Android 11 device. MIUI version numbers are always behind their Android builds, don't know why. As I said above, notification formats vary by Android versions. Sounds like you have upgraded now though, and it's working for you now?


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