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Poweramp Shows Last Cover for Tracks with Multiple Embedded Covers


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Not really sure if this is a bug. But all other players default to show the first embedded cover in tracks with multiple covers. Poweramp displays the last cover added. Is there a way to change this as a preference? And is there any plans to be able to have PA perhaps automatically change the displayed art during playback at a selectable interval for tracks with more than one cover?

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I assume PA simply reads all the metadata, and any new (repeated) content simply overwrites earlier read data - so that would be why the last read item will be the one used. I don't think PA uses the image descriptor codes, so any encountered image is treated as fair game for front cover artwork. Yes, even $11 which is presumably just a red herring. :)

It might be nice if at some point in the future tags $07 - $0A (if found) could be applied to the Artist category image, and $0B to Composer, etc.

$00     Other
$01     32x32 pixels 'file icon' (PNG only)
$02     Other file icon
$03     Cover (front)
$04     Cover (back)
$05     Leaflet page
$06     Media (e.g. label side of CD)
$07     Lead artist/lead performer/soloist
$08     Artist/performer
$09     Conductor
$0A     Band/Orchestra
$0B     Composer
$0C     Lyricist/text writer
$0D     Recording Location
$0E     During recording
$0F     During performance
$10     Movie/video screen capture
$11     A bright coloured fish
$12     Illustration
$13     Band/artist logotype
$14     Publisher/Studio logotype


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2 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Yes, even $11 which is presumably just a red herring. .

$11     A bright coloured fish


Just strange that all others players ( Android, Win 10, even finicky iTunes) use the first Front Cover image from list, no matter what others are embedded, while PA always shows the last one added, regardless of the actual type. It isn't a major issue, just noticeable and consistent behaviour for any track where there are more than one cover.

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I suspect (and Max would have to confirm this) that PA simply reads the file metadata sequentially, and whenever it comes across an image it caches that to be the song's cover art. So if it then finds a second image, or third, that would replace anything that may have been read earlier.

I do agree that without parsing the photo description data, it would probably make more sense to just store the first image in the file - as if there are several images, the overriding likelihood is that the first will be the front cover, then maybe back cover, then perhaps inner notes or artist/band photo. 


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@maxmp Are there plans for additional album covers to be accessible in the future? PA always shows the last embedded cover found in the tracks metadata if there is more than one. Typically the first image is the expected default display. Currently PA doesn’t even show the other covers in the cover browser, so they cannot be selected as an alternative.

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Bumping this thread to bring it back to current. I think an option to scroll through the covers when a file has more than one embedded image would be a nice feature addition. Not required for browsing, just on the Now Playing screen that can be managed by a button overlay (like the cast button) or even a gesture.

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