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Voice command to play song


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Does anyone know how to get Poweramp to automatically start playing a song through voice command? Right now, when I hold the "search" button on my phone, and use the "Listen to" command, it'll open up Poweramp with the song selected but i still have to "click" on it to start playback.

I tried setting the winamp app as the default for the "listen to" command and with winamp, the song starts playing back automatically. This is the preferable behavior. Any ideas how to replicate this on Poweramp?

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Yes, I too would like the "Listen To..." voice command to cause PowerAmp to actually play the track, rather than showing a prompt to play a track.

Also, ideally it should not cause PowerAmp to change my currently selected list mode either. For example, if I use the voice command "Listen To Adele", PowerAmp should stay in my current playback list mode (e.g. Folders mode, sorted by folder/filename) and start to play the first match it finds within that sorted folder list. This would, in my case, start playing the first track of the album entitled "18", then carry on to play tracks 2, 3, 4, etc., and then move on to the next album "21".

To make the coding really easy, I'd suggest a simple Settings option to configure the way the app handles being launched in that manner:

  1. Display Search Results: Display a view of all search results and await user input (i.e. basically the current functionality)
  2. Play FIrst Match: Start playing the first matching track within the current playback list and using the current sort ordering (check Title or Artist tags and/or folder/filename text, mode dependant). If no match is found in the current list (e.g. PowerAmp could be using "Recently Added" mode) then revert to option 1.


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