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I also have this request. I got Poweramp to use in the car with Android Auto but I'd love to use it with Alexa directly in the house instead of streaming (rather than Bluetooth). I don't have any Google devices in my house at all. 

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Hi, apart from being consumed by using Poweramp to play my music selection in the house and in the car, I also have a significant number of Alexa Speakers in the house, and Alexa Echo Auto in my car, where the sound is relayed through my Bose sound system.

I can 'ask' Google to do things in my car, as my phone is connected wirelessly via Android Auto, but I'd really like to get Alexa to do more with regards my Poweramp Music Selection.

I would love to be able to say, specifically things like, 'Alexa, play Albanian Piano Music by Marsida Koni' or 'Alexa, play Field's Piano Concerto No 2 in A flat major'

Equally it would be great to say, 'Alexa, play me Piano Quintets', or 'Works by Chopin'.

I appreciate that this is really a question about Alexa, but I am still intrigued to know what automated processes Alexa is capable of, perhaps when I'm listening in bed at night, or driving along a motorway?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks, in anticipation!

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