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Songs missing metadata


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Since I've started using Poweramp I've had issues with many of my songs missing metadata that should be there. All I can see to "fix" this is by constantly full rescanning my whole library which will fix some songs but break others. After each scan I can have anywhere between 1-3k songs still missing data. Trying to scan a specific folder that is missing data just removes everything else from the library. Isn't there any way to fix this? 

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It does sound like file access issues, PA's scanner has a lot of data to scan very fast and needs the file system to respond quickly. As the issue affects different files each time it probably won't be the format of the tags within the files. Are the files especially big of contain a lot of metadata (FLAC, large cover art, etc)?

You don't give any details of your device or setup etc, but if your music is on SD Card please try copying as much as you can to internal memory and see if the same problem occurs there. If that makes a difference, try backing up and then cleanly re-formatting the SD Card, and copy everything back onto it. Are your using a recent Android version, and if so do you have Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode enabled? Either way, see if it makes any difference turning it on or off.

If you continue to experience this issue, please can you send a log of what occurs when you do a Full Rescan? As soon as the full scan (in Settings > Library) has completed, go to Settings > Get Support > Send Log > and email it to gpmaxmpz @ gmail . com . Please post here and DM @maxmp if you send a log.


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I'm using a Fiio M11 which runs off a custom version of android. Some of the files are large FLAC files and some probably do have large album art. The files are on a micro SD card and I wouldn't be able to transfer it to the device as its hundreds of GB. If I go into the tags of a song missing metadata I can click edit and save it without changing anything it does actually update it properly. I can try and get a log to see what the issue is. 

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