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UI visualization problems with third party skins on Android 11?


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I don't know if anyone else has commented on it but I haven't seen it...

I have a One Plus 8 Pro that has recently been updated to the first versions of Android 11 and I found that in the skins I used without problems in Android 10 now there is a visualization error as the texts, even in the menu, are a few pixels up. However, the built-in skins are perfectly visible.

Attached is a comparison of the built-in dark skin and the display problems in various skins such as Liv Dark, Luminous Black or Retro Black Skin.



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On 11/19/2020 at 7:14 PM, Augustin said:

Got this answer from the dev of Liv Dark theme: " it is the OxygenOS font. Just go to theme settings and change the font to something else other than default one". Fixed it for me!

Thank you!
It was driving me crazy and I hadn't see anyone else with this problem. Changing the font has fixed it! 

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