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Cover art to album


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All cover art is associated with a specific track and not an album, for ex. the Beatles album "Help" has so many covers (all the same) as tracks. How to associate the cover to the album. 

Thanks in advance 


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The best solution is to make sure your tracks are properly tagged with the correct embedded artwork in the first place. However you have a lot of music that doesn't contain cover artwork you can also use the download feature in the app to find images online.

Just go into the Album view and choose any track in an album, then long-press it and choose 'Album Art'. Whatever album cover artwork you choose for one track in an album will be applied to all of the other tracks in the same album. Note: if the Artist tag varies between tracks - such as for a compilation or Various Artists album - then any manually chosen artwork will only be applied to the current track; for a full match, the Album Title, Track Artist, and (if present) Album Artist tags are checked.


@maxmp Any thoughts about possibly adding that 'Also use for xxxxxx (Album)' tickbox to the selector screen, so users have more control over this in the same way they do for Artist images? 


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