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  1. Hi Same here as already reported in another topic. V. 842-845 Thanks Regards
  2. Hi It's strange because without any change (firmware/ROM bluetooth implementation) either in the phone (Android) or in the car system, I already had the covers. Not now and I don't know why. Regards
  3. Well, too soon. Sometimes it works sometimes dont. Sad. Regards
  4. Hi Thanks. After a few days and without doing anything, everything returned to normal but, according to another post, the covers are not sent. With previous version, sometimes I had, sometimes I had not. With this, so far, no covers are sent. Regards
  5. Hi I use Poweramp on my Samsung galaxy S5 neo to feed by Bluetooth my car's entertainment but, even if the cover art is displayed on Poweramp, sometimes, it's send sometimes not. Why? How can I fix this? Thanks Regards
  6. Hi I think the following is what you asked for. " ================= 15:58:57.355 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 15:58:57.729 PlayerService RESUME from HeadsetPlugReceiver resumePlaying ================== 15:59:00.604 PlayerService RESUME IGNORED ================== 16:02:12.204 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT ACTION_DOWN name=AVRCP source=0x101 virt=false repeat=0 actionTime=13752283 isAvrcp playerState=1 ================== 16:02:12.247 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT ACTION_UP name=AVRCP source=0x101 virt=false repeat=0 actionTime=13752304 isAvrcp playerState=1 ================== 16:02:12.269 PlayerService NEXT from PSMediaButtonReceiver " Thanks Regards
  7. Hi "23:39:57.563 PlayerService RESUME resumePlaying". Tanks Regards
  8. Hi I use Poweramp, last version on my S5, "feeding" my car's entertainment system. Since I use this version I can't use the commands (bluetooth) to play the next/previous musics. I hear the "beep" but nothing happens. The commands, (bluetooth) to increase/decrease work well. What I'm I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Regards
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