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    Bluetooth next song command

    Hi I think the following is what you asked for. " ================= 15:58:57.355 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 15:58:57.729 PlayerService RESUME from HeadsetPlugReceiver resumePlaying ================== 15:59:00.604 PlayerService RESUME IGNORED ================== 16:02:12.204 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT ACTION_DOWN name=AVRCP source=0x101 virt=false repeat=0 actionTime=13752283 isAvrcp playerState=1 ================== 16:02:12.247 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT ACTION_UP name=AVRCP source=0x101 virt=false repeat=0 actionTime=13752304 isAvrcp playerState=1 ================== 16:02:12.269 PlayerService NEXT from PSMediaButtonReceiver " Thanks Regards
  2. cmg

    Bluetooth next song command

    Hi "23:39:57.563 PlayerService RESUME resumePlaying". Tanks Regards
  3. Hi I use Poweramp, last version on my S5, "feeding" my car's entertainment system. Since I use this version I can't use the commands (bluetooth) to play the next/previous musics. I hear the "beep" but nothing happens. The commands, (bluetooth) to increase/decrease work well. What I'm I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Regards