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  1. Hi Nope! I will try. Thanks Regards
  2. My question is not directly related to Poweramp but.... . On my PC I have numerous mp3 files and I wanted a program that would randomly choose a chosen number of these files (for example 500 mp3) or a given volume (for example 3Gb) and copy it to the SD card. Does anyone know and advise me on a program that does what I want? Thanks Regards
  3. Hi When referring to the directory "data /" that can be renamed, is it in the internal memory or "sd"? Thanks Regards
  4. Hi Andre So far I haven't found any "file manager" and I've tried several, that could do it. What is achieved is to go to that directory but in the "internal memory" not in "sd". Also by connecting the device via USB or by removing the card and using an adapter, it always appears as an "empty directory". And is not empty. But thanks anyway. Regards
  5. Hi Unfortunately the update to Android 11 resulted in the impossibility of accessing "sd / android / data / ...) this without any warning. I'm without access to ALL files (minutes, invoices, documents, etc.) that were downloaded by the Edge browser and that are in the respective folder (this browser does not allow me to change the download folder!). Whatever the justification, it is not only a disregard for users as an abuse. IMHO. Regards
  6. Hi All cover art is associated with a specific track and not an album, for ex. the Beatles album "Help" has so many covers (all the same) as tracks. How to associate the cover to the album. Thanks in advance Regards
  7. Hi Why I don't have permission to see all Maxmp post? Thanks Regards
  8. Hi On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5 neo, Android 6.0.1) I have an SD card with a few hundred songs that I can listen to in the car when traveling. The connection to the car system is made via bluetooth. In Poweramp (V.3, 860, Arm32) I have a playlist with all the songs, suffle mode, but there are tracks that I hear several times and others that I never heard. I've tried several settings (now everything is reseted) but I was never able to solve this problem. What settings should I use to: When I start the system in the car, the playlist continues where it was previously; Do not repeat tracks until the playlist ends. Sorry for this long post but I don't know what to do so all help is welcome. Thanks in advance Regards
  9. Hi Same here as already reported in another topic. V. 842-845 Thanks Regards
  10. Hi It's strange because without any change (firmware/ROM bluetooth implementation) either in the phone (Android) or in the car system, I already had the covers. Not now and I don't know why. Regards
  11. Well, too soon. Sometimes it works sometimes dont. Sad. Regards
  12. Hi Thanks. After a few days and without doing anything, everything returned to normal but, according to another post, the covers are not sent. With previous version, sometimes I had, sometimes I had not. With this, so far, no covers are sent. Regards
  13. Hi I use Poweramp on my Samsung galaxy S5 neo to feed by Bluetooth my car's entertainment but, even if the cover art is displayed on Poweramp, sometimes, it's send sometimes not. Why? How can I fix this? Thanks Regards
  14. Hi I think the following is what you asked for. " ================= 15:58:57.355 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 15:58:57.729 PlayerService RESUME from HeadsetPlugReceiver resumePlaying ================== 15:59:00.604 PlayerService RESUME IGNORED ================== 16:02:12.204 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT ACTION_DOWN name=AVRCP source=0x101 virt=false repeat=0 actionTime=13752283 isAvrcp playerState=1 ================== 16:02:12.247 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT ACTION_UP name=AVRCP source=0x101 virt=false repeat=0 actionTime=13752304 isAvrcp playerState=1 ================== 16:02:12.269 PlayerService NEXT from PSMediaButtonReceiver " Thanks Regards
  15. Hi "23:39:57.563 PlayerService RESUME resumePlaying". Tanks Regards
  16. Hi I use Poweramp, last version on my S5, "feeding" my car's entertainment system. Since I use this version I can't use the commands (bluetooth) to play the next/previous musics. I hear the "beep" but nothing happens. The commands, (bluetooth) to increase/decrease work well. What I'm I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Regards
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