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Mask / Rename stream name/URL

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When streaming my own stream it shows the full URL that includes the username and password.
Its not a huge problem as there is only me looking at the phone but it would be nice for a "Hide Stream Name" option or ability to rename the stream seperate to the URL.

EG: http://USERNAME@PASSWORD@IP:PORT/content/Stream.WAV  becomes hidden OR renamed in some way.

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There has been some talk about this before, but the issue was that streams can update their title dynamically so you would lose that by fixing a title.

I do agree that with a fixed item (such as a single audio file) it would make sense to be able to edit the title via Info/Tags instead of always seeing the raw URL though.


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You can hide the stream URL line in the library view using the new List Options "Show Titles Only" feature, but in your case does the URL appear in the top (Title) line too if the source isn't broadcasting anything else?

That doesn't help much in the player screen though, as hiding the second (normally Artist/Album) line is a global setting which you can do via some skins, but it would apply to all categories.


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3 hours ago, MotleyG said:

@MotleyG <<<starts to twitch uncontrollably, as his OCD goes into overdrive>>>🥴

🤣hehe i know. HERECY! but when u record like constantly all day and im exporting one album while recording another etc.. i really dont have the time to do it.

I wish I could but id rather export another 25 songs instead of typing in fields of data that i dont really care about.
And besides i can always go back and add that stuff at a later date but i dont really feel its important to me personally, i probably wont ever do it.

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