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  1. yep all works great! nice to have 300~ GB of storage on the phone lol
  2. may be under battery related settings on some devices im not sure
  3. yes that will RIP your battery. In the app settings in android allow the app to run in the background and such should be a better solution. Make sure phone isnt in power saving mode. then... Settings > apps > app launch > find Poweramp and then uncheck manage auto. enable all 2 checkboxes and then do the same for the Poweramp unlocker app. exit the app and/or reboot device to be on the safe side.
  4. well i brought the Hub so ill let you know if it works in a few days. I think it should
  5. All i can suggest is: 1) Update your android version if possible 2) Try an older or different version of the App 3) Enable permission to install unknown apps 4) Try downloading again using a different browser 5) Try With USB debugging on 6) Disable Security/antivirus and things like that and try to install again. if none works then the app is probably not compatable or there is something wrong with the android install on the device.
  6. Ok so im wondering if this will work. PHONE > USB C Card reader (With SD card with music on) / Hub with 1 port > USB C OTG Cable > DAC Power amp will bve able to access the SD Card and use the USB DAC simulataniously? I know it would work on a PC as thats what USB Hubs are for but im not sure what you can and cant do with android. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. may need to enable "allow apps to be installed from any location" or whatever that option is called on your device.
  8. yeah ill have to keep using 3 different apps for the things I like in each. No problem i guess its just nice if u have 1 that does everything u want. Cheers
  9. Automatic Sample Rate selection to match the file being played? EG. If i dont want anything up/downsampled but have lots of files in different bit depths and sample rates.
  10. id like bit perfect output too I use it in "USB Audio Player Pro" when i go into airplane mode. It would remove a lot of the guessing as to "whats my level, gain, am i clipping etc etc" that i am struggling to get the hang of with Poweramp. Power amp is more what i use when in phone mode and want to take calls etc and power amp also plays my 96/24 WAV stream and UAPP doesnt play it.
  11. Ah ok, i guess i will have to get a multimeter and check the voltage at the 3.5mm Thanks for the reply Sir
  12. cool, good to know. Thank you
  13. Im just hearing odd distortions in some songs and not others but i know that none of my songs reach 0dBFS because i manually recorded them all and set the levels myself. Foobar2000 Peak meter also confirms I am never hitting 0dBFS. I dont know if its the song mastering thats bad (i hear it on my desktop dac too but at a much higher level) - i dont hear it on my HiFi but then again the volume can never get to the levels that you hear from IEMs. or is it the Phone / Dac / Software etc etc. I dont know if my device supports DVC (p20 pro) - When i enable DVC the volume is less and accordin
  14. Would be nice to have a choice instead of the Spectrum. dBFS Scale -60 to 0dBFS peak meter L/R chan (maybe with a clipping indicator) - This would be of the actual media playing (based on the samples. EG "if more than 3/4/5/6 samples are at 0dBFS then indicate clipping"). I dont know if its possible to show the output level in some way but if there is im sure you can work it out Would be great if i could see output Mw or Voltage or if the actual output is overamplified in some way/causing clipping/distortion etc etc. A way to input headphone Maximum Mw and Impedance OHMs to show a r
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