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why this is happening to the track number


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As mentioned by Andre, what is your sorting method? Eg. Sort by filename

By long-pressing the track, select Info and provide us a screenshot of the track's information.

If you have a tag editor such as mp3tag in your computer, I'd suggest changing your numbering scheme from 1 to 001 so that if you have an album or compilation with a hundred or more tracks, PA will read them correctly.

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ok looks like that problem sort it BUT i do not how. however, another problem occurred which you can see screenshot of it.

1. where is 77 and 78?

2. i added first number 80 Dance Monkey latter as it was without track number added to the the end of songs list, how that happened? i do not know. so i added number 80 to the beginning of it, so it jumped after 79. well alphabetic order. as you can see 81 has the same story.

God, it is so confusing and time consuming to work with it.



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What library category are you using? (e.g. are you looking at your music using the Folders, Albums, All Songs, etc categories from the main Library screen)

What sort method have you chosen to use? (tap on the three-dots icon at the very top-right of the songs list and choose List Options to see or adjust this)

Is your music properly tagged? e.g. does it have detailed information about the Title, Artist, Album Name, Track Number, etc saved as data inside the music file by the program you used to rip or download your music files in the first place (long-press on any song title and select Info/Tags to view this)

Are you wanting to simply use the name of the file for sorting purposes? This is possible, but you do need to put some work into making sure your folders, subfolders and filenames are suitably named. 


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