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High Resolution Music with PCM Encoding

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Poweramp supports wav files with pcm encoding over 24 bits and more If the phone supports these types of PCM.
I have contacted the customer service of my phone company in order to send me the types of pcm that my phone supports. and for the most part their answer was to have no idea about the types. they sent me just that. "Ultra High Quality Audio Playback
UHQ 32-bit & DSD support PCM: Up to 32 bits
DSD: DSD64/128
*DSD64 and DSD128 playback can be limited depending on the file format"
My question is how will I know that my phone plays wav files on Poweramp with high-res audio?
How will I know that my phone supports these types of PCM supported by Poweramp and how will I know that I listen to my high-res music with the best quality?
How do I know that there are no problems ???
I Use your expertise.  professor Andre

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