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  1. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S9 that supports High-Res Output up to 32 bit and 384 khz. ROM is it related to Poweramp or Android device? Would you please give me a summary or percentage of the compatibility after I showed you the specifications of the phone.
  2. Hello, I called RHA and chose a earphone (MA750) High-Res Audio. I asked them if these headphones are compatible with the Poweramp app and they said they can't say compatibility with any app. But they said there were no problems with Android devices. How will I know if there is a problem with Poweramp if Poweramp does not mention if there are problems and RHA does not mention also if there are problems. @andrewilley
  3. Hello, I suffered a lot in the matter of choosing headphones or earphones running on high-res music technology, and I contacted several companies and did not get a satisfactory answer. I own a phone from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy S9. As is well known, Samsung has been broadcasting on Galaxy phones. Of the velvet layer. Frequencies of up to 32 bits 384 kHz via headphones or earphones via the wire. AUX I asked about the Sony headphone which is Sony WH1000XM3 with high-res music technology. I contacted more than one customer and the answers were different and I did not get a satisfactory answer. I asked them. I know that Sony WH1000XM3 is running on Bluetooth LDAC 16 BIT 96 KHZ max. I told them if I wanted to hear a song over the wire, and the frequencies of this song were 192 kHz and 24 bits, would I hear it with the same Bluetooth frequency or 192 kHz and 24 bits? The customer did not know that. He also did not know if this headset was compatible with my Galaxy S9 I even asked about an earphone from AKG and contacted a customer, but the answer was, these headphones respond to frequencies between 10 and 40 kHz I hope Poweramp. to advise me for a headphone compatible with High-Res music at 192 kHz and 24 bits or more and you can play WAV format because my Galaxy can broadcast high-res music in WAV and PCM format up to 32 bits and as I asked earlier Poweramp plays WAV FORMAT IN HIGH-RES AUDIO. The choice of headphones remains
  4. All of them are 24 bits and 96 kHz. I would choose, so 192 kHz I searched a lot for the meaning of Resampler Cutoff Frequency Ratio and did not understand anything What do I put on hundred for Resampler Frequency Ratio? i have chosen SOX RESAMPLER because according to the description it is the best In order not to bother you a lot with my questions, please tell me about all the modifications that I have to make in order to hear my High-Res music in the best possible quality. Note all my music is in WAV format as you know and 96 kHz and 24 bits and thank you very much I will not bother you again unless something Very necessary.
  5. You have the right I did not understand anything from the MAXMP message 😂😂😂 Well rest assured me my heart, this is what you mean. Look at the information that appeared when you clicked the audio information in the new image
  6. Hello Frankly, the response MAXMP sent was a little complicated. I will send a picture and please look at the sound information and tell me whether this sound is the original sound or not I mean with the original sound, meaning that it works completely with PCM and without problems
  7. I know that. The important thing is that Poweramp plays High-Res Audio in Wav format? I apologize for this question and please do not misunderstand it Are you a Poweramp customer or just a person affiliated with the Poweramp Club?
  8. Are you sure. that many applications cannot play High-Res Audio in WAV format. They can only play in FLAC format Like Stellio, for example, play Flac In High-Res Audio format only Regarding the difference between WAV and FLAC, of course there is a difference. The QOBUZ website says the most accurate and most accurate audio is found in WAV files Also note Mr.Andre that the WAV file is 150 MB in 24 BIT 96 KHZ the size of this file is almost halved to 76 MB IN FLAC FORMAT This is due to compression. and the KBPS is in the file in 150 MB 4608 kbps and decreases to 2489 KBPS in FLAC format You don't have to buy music and don't hear it in the best possible quality Andre 😉😉😉
  9. Does Poweramp play High-Res Audio music in WAV format with the full PCM included in the song as the PCM reaches 24 BIT???
  10. In the opinion of Poweramp lacks the reading of LRC FILE as the composite image below.
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