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Wavpack & Wavpack Hybrid ReplayGain Tags Applied via Foobar are Ignored

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Replaygain tags applied by Foobar2000 on Wavpack, both hybrid and full, are being ignored & not detected in Poweramp

Poweramp Version:
alpha-build-703-play (Full Version)

2.0.10-build-558-play (Full Version)

Wavpack Settings Used:
Fast Hybrid with and without correction file
High x5
Hybrid High x5 3.5bit/sample

Audio Sample:
Note: 1khz signal, I believe. It was made by wavpacks creator as a way to test if an app was or was not utilizing correction files. Its just the smallest sample I can share where I've applied replaygain.


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This seems to be related either to Poweramp not reading the replaygain tags off of the APEv2 tags wavpack uses or to do with upper vs lower case tags based on what I've read around.

Is there any way I can tell which casing my tags are using and to change them as a temporary work around? mp3tag and Foobar don't seem capable of doing such.

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