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How number of times played is counted


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Hello. It seems as though the moment you start a song the 'played times' counter for that song increases by 1 and as far as I can tell there is nothing in the settings to change that. I have issue with this because I would like to see an accurate representation of how many times I have listened to a song. I often listen to music just by shuffling an album or all my songs and skipping the ones I'm not in the mood for and I think a lot of people also listen to music this way. Even if you've only listened to a split second of a song before skipping it, it is counted as a 'listen'. Is there anyway to change this or are there any plans to alter the times played function? 

Thank you 

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I think the fix for that is to allow the track to finish before counting the "play" as 1. You are right, sometimes, accidentally you might tap on a track you do not plan to listen to. @maxmp

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I thought you had to listen to a defined proportion (50%?) of a song for it to count as a proper 'play' - but maybe that only applies to scrobbling services? It would definitely make sense to set something like a 50% threshold anyway.


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@BartyBart thanks for the request. Currently this approach is required e.g. for Queue functionality (as soon as item is played, we don't want it to be active in the Queue), but of course this can be improved so the visible play count increments when at least half of song is played.

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