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On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5 neo, Android 6.0.1) I have an SD card with a few hundred songs that I can listen to in the car when traveling. The connection to the car system is made via bluetooth.

In Poweramp (V.3, 860, Arm32) I have a playlist with all the songs, suffle mode, but there are tracks that I hear several times and others that I never heard. I've tried several settings (now everything is reseted) but I was never able to solve this problem. What settings should I use to:

When I start the system in the car, the playlist continues where it was previously;

Do not repeat tracks until the playlist ends.

Sorry for this long post but I don't know what to do so all help is welcome.

Thanks in advance


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There are ways to reduce the frequency of events that will trigger a re-shuffle (e.g. Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle ) but the best way is to simply re-sort the order of the songs in the playlist itself into random order (view the playlist's songs list, tap the three-dots menu icon, and choose Re-sort. Select Shuffle as the new sequence for that playlist).


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