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Possible to buy Poweramp for a Friend?


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Found this old topic:


It is still possible, to buy (unlocked) Poweramp via website  store.payproglobal.com  for a Friend?

If so, please, what is neccessary below Payment-Data in the field  "Your Device Google-/Mail Account..."

The Friends Google-Account-Name or Mail-Adress like:  example123@gmail.com 


Thank you.

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Sorry, there is unclear Confirmation Mail  from ProGlobal.com.

First, the Install-Instructions got not the Giftee aka Google-Mail/Account, the Buyer got them. 

Product bought for E-Mail:  
bxxxx@xxxxx        (Buyers Mail-Adress)

Order ID:

(Poweramp v2 only) product bought for Google account:  xxxxxx@gmail.com    (Giftees Mail Adress/Google Account)


Detailed instructions:

4. (Poweramp v3 only) in Poweramp settings you Already use Bought? => website and you give the e-mail account 

bxxxx@xxxxx and Order-ID 1xxxxxx0    (-> Buyers-Mail-Adress)

- OR-
4. (Poweramp v2 only) you guarantee, that your Google or  E-mail account is

 xxxxx@gmail.com  (-> Giftees Mail Adress/Google Account on Phone)


Which Version should the Giftee download on there Mobilphone with Google-Account,  v2 OR v3? 

Or if download v3, must "unlock" with the Buyers-Mail-Adress


Thank You.


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it runs...all good :)

the app accepted for unlocking the Google Account of the Giftee with Order-ID from the buyer. That was not clear in the Confirmation-Mail.



As suggestion,

maybe you implement a solution,  for purchase via website without Google-Play-Store, the Confirmation-Mail after buying has a Direct-Link for download the Full-Unlocked-Version for the one Order-ID. 






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