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Artists/Titles - Neglect Articles


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Hi, this request, I believe, if accepted, will be added to the TODO list for 2.1 (or maybe a beta 3).

I wonder if you'd consider making Poweramp neglect the articles or other introductory words preceding an artist or an album's name. I'm asking because the stock music player as well as other applications on different platforms (such as iTunes on Windows, or WMP itself) use this format.

For instance: The Black Eyed Peas would appear along with the B's instead of the T's.

Or 'The Eminem Show' would appear in the E's list instead of the T's list.

Or 'A Little Bit Longer' would be listed with the L's.

You get the idea. So, what do you think?



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Just noticed (in 2.0beta2 anyway) in both 'Artists' and 'Albums' it already does this type of sorting for any text starting with "The" or "A", which is great! Thank you Max! Could you do the same for the 'All Songs' list for the main release please?

Loving the way I can now use my preferred 'Folders' view most of the time (to sort as per how I've set the directories up) but switch over to Artists or Genre just as easily at will.


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