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  1. Yeah, this feature's been incorporated already (from Beta 2 & onward). Max, if you're reading this, thank you!
  2. Thanks, man! Is there anyone else who thinks so too? Maybe, if there's more of us, Max might consider considering?
  3. Hi, this request, I believe, if accepted, will be added to the TODO list for 2.1 (or maybe a beta 3). I wonder if you'd consider making Poweramp neglect the articles or other introductory words preceding an artist or an album's name. I'm asking because the stock music player as well as other applications on different platforms (such as iTunes on Windows, or WMP itself) use this format. For instance: The Black Eyed Peas would appear along with the B's instead of the T's. Or 'The Eminem Show' would appear in the E's list instead of the T's list. Or 'A Little Bit Longer' would be listed with the
  4. Hi, I'm using a QVGA (320x240) device. In the landscape mode, the knobs for Treble & Stereo X overlap, with the latter being the one I can turn. Also, I think you already know this, but it's not gonna hurt to mention: the 'Albums by Artist' list isn't exactly listed as 'Albums by Artist'. Instead, it's exactly like the 'Albums' list, but without the album art (I see a blank CD, the default icon, I guess, instead.)
  5. Hi, Can you (please) add a feature to add a song to the currently playing list (or the queue) by swiping on it (swipe left to play next, swipe right to play last) while browsing the library? Thanks!
  6. Hi I installed the beta a few hours ago. One look and I was blown away! Thanks for all the improvements As of now, I only have one question: When will the stable version be out? I know the first post says "mid-October", but does that mean on the 15th or a few days after that?
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