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  1. Saw this from the designer, Alex Bender on Dribbble:
  2. They're playing at maximum because you probably play it at maximum in your car, or with another chord at that volume. It can tell the difference if an aux chord has a mic or not, which is when it usually catches my volume to play at around 60%
  3. Is there any way to add a 'smart search' feature? Say I look for Kanye and I type it in wrong, kante. Maybe Poweramp can add a feature like 'Did you mean Kanye?'
  4. Think about this... It's not hard to change volume manually by going into the EQ settings or holding down the rockers, but wouldn't it be easier to do it from the screen itself? This is just a quick concept, but I think it would be neat to have an option to change the volume by sliding up and down along the album art.
  5. Didn't Poweramp do this in the last version? I can't seem to find an option to sort my lists by albums (alphabetically)
  6. I noticed this on v1 but when I'm changing my song manually I hear a slight background noise whenever it shuffles songs.
  7. From using Poweramp for over a year now all I can say is that it needs more themes. I know pre-installed themes are scarce, but here's a few suggestions: * Allow user's to create their own theme with "red, green and blue" presets and adjust the settings accordingly. * Release how you made the previous themes to users and allow them to make their own themes like keyboard themes on the market.
  8. That's what I'm saying haha. There's no doubt this is an awesome media player, one of the best if not THE best. Lets do all we can to keep it that way with updates
  9. Oh wow I just noticed I can go back by pressing below the album art awesome
  10. Idk why, I just can't seem to get it to work for me. Whenever I hit back it takes me back to the homescreen if I'm in player mode
  11. Let me know if anyone agrees with me on this. The back button takes me back to my homescreen, but all Android phones have some type of homescreen button already on the phone. Would it be possible for my back button to take me back to the previous page? Here's an example: I click on Artisis > A Day to Remember > All Songs > The Downfall of Us All If I wanted to go back, I'd have to hit menu, then repeat the same thing over again to get to the band where instead it could go: The Downfall of Us All > All Songs > A Day to Remember > Artists Thanks, nklenchik
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